Services & Solutions                                                                                                                       

NEST offers high quality, innovative and cost effective IT solutions using proven  technologies that offer end-to-end interoperability. Our outstanding credential in providing cutting edge IT solutions is how NEST is distinguished from others.

NEST goal is to provide you with solutions for your IT, H&R, and Security needs. To meet that goal we offer a comprehensive line of services and products options, including cost effective hourly rates, comprehensive service and implementation agreements, complaisance programs, relocation services and a full asset management program. 

NEST solutions are tailor made to your needs, not ours. Whether you need to maximize work performance, satisfy regulator requirements, or need additional resources to get the job done, our qualified staff of customer service representatives can be there to assist you. 

NEST can provide you Solution in the following fields: 
1. Documents Management: The First Step Toward Paperless Office.
2. Process Flow: Business Process Automation Solution
3. Form Data Extraction : Data extraction using ICR and OMR will save cost and speed up data entry considerably. 
4. Virtual Office: A office on the web, which never sleeps, and, and accessible from anywhere across the globe.
5. Output Management: Online Reporting System
6. Time Management: Wide solution of attendance recorders, avail choice of sensors like fingerprint, proximity, magnetic, bar-code, infra red, touch token, key pad or their combination. It can be connected through LAN, Modem, RS323
7. Access Control : Secure restricted areas by using our variety of access control models that use avail choice of sensors from basic key pad to very complicated biometric sensors. balances, pumps, Thermo Analyzer etc
8. Portable ID device: Verify people in the filed and take their attendance 
9. Computer Security: PC lock and Mouse FP 
10. Guard Management:  Monitors and controls movements of Security Guards.
11. Enterprise Solution: Enterprise E-Business, Quality Assurance, database management, main frame, ERP/SCM, enterprise application integration solutions.