Corporate Profile

 About Us                                                                                                                                        

New Era Computer (NEST) is an established IT stratergy firm, helping companies improve their business process by taking advantage of IT based technologies. NEST helps in enhancing business efficiency, reaching new markets, reducing promotion, cutting communication cost and sharpening their competitive edge; will provide its clients with effective IT solutions. We have a high quality infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency at all the time. We have a very skillful team that understands your requirements and delivers at all times. 

NEST is wholly owned subsidiary of the KIAK Group. KIAK Group (K. I. Abdulkadir & Partners Co. Ltd.) established in 1982 with head office in Jeddah and branch offices in Riyadh, Al Khobar and Dubai. The KIAK group is a leading supplier in GCC countries that is dedicated to the scientific and analytical market. 

 Our Vision                                                                                                                                      

* To be a leader delivering top-notch solutions which are innovative, precise and affordable. 

* To build a process infrastructure of effective software engineering and management practices through a focused and sustained effort.

 Our Mission                                                                                                                                    
* To ultimately ensure that our clients excel and that our employees achieve exceptional levels of productivity and competence. 

* To set and strive to surpass extraordinarily high performance standards in client service; a characteristic we believe sets us far apart from peers and competitors.

* We strive to earn the trust of clients and colleagues through persuasiveness not power and through empathy not detachment. 

 Our Value                                                                                                                                       
An added-value approach helps NEST face challenges head on. Our clients ask us to help them solve their problems. This often leads us into difficult and uncharted territories, which are now familiar ground for designing solutions that meet exacting needs each and every time. NEST has always given priority to client interests, no matter how demanding the situation or how close the deadline. 

We uphold our added-value approach through top of the line technology, top professional and consultants from diverse fields, and proven processes and quality services that sustains business relationship and ensures business growth.